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We are proud to be a UK manufacturer located in South Staffordshire adjacent to the West Midlands and the new M6 Toll Motorway. Our location is central to the British Motorway system.

Below we feature many of our products that we either supply from stock or manufacture and supply within just a few days of your order. Our manufacturing facility operates 24/6 providing the best quality with the shortest lead times. You do not need to wait for that ship from China!

In many cases we can produce to your custom requirements. Just give us your concept and we can turn it into reality.

You can view some of our products below:


EEPL's Product Range includes...


Table Legs - We manufacture a range of stainless steel legs suitable for various commercial and domestic uses including tables, breakfast bars and worktops.  We offer several top fixings and base options and our legs are custom made to order in heights of up to 1250mm.  We also stock a range of chrome and brushed stainless effect breakfast bar & metal table legs in a choice of heights up to 1100mm.


Pedestal Table Bases - We manufacture and stock an extensive range of metal bases.  We offer steel pedestal table bases in a choice of three standard colour finishes. Custom colours are also available by request.  Our aluminium pedestal table bases are supplied in a brushed and lacquered finish.  We offer bolt down pedestal table bases designed for permanent floor fixing.  Our Megapedestal table bases are capable of supporting table tops up to two meters in diameter.  Recent additions to our range include flip top pedestal table bases, gold anodised pedestal table bases and industrial finish pedestal table bases.  


Coffee Table Bases - Our range of coffee table bases are designed to match our pedestal base range.  We offer free standing coffee table bases and bolt down coffee table bases in all of the same colours and finishes available in our pedestal base range.


Poseur Table Bases - As with our coffee table bases, these poseur table bases are designed to match our pedestal table base range.  We offer poseur table bases in heights up to 1080mm.


Chair Bases - In addition to our range of table bases we also manufacture a range of coordinated chair bases. We offer the same choice of base shapes, sizes and finishes as our table base range and also offer a bolt down option.  Our standard swivel chair bases freely rotate through 360 degrees.  Our memory return chair bases also rotate through 360 degrees, but our memory return mechanism ensures that the seat always returns to its original position.  We can also supply fixed chair / stool bases.


Handrail Brackets - EEPL offer three separate designs of stainless steel handrail brackets one of which is height adjustable on site. Versions of each product range are offered for both wall fixing and glass fixing.  We offer standard wall fix brackets with a 65mm diameter fixing rose and heavy duty wall fix brackets with a 90mm fixing rose.  We also offer Vertical and Cotton Reel Type Handrail Brackets. We offer non-standard sizes to meet special site conditions.


Glass Brackets & Stand Offs - We offer glass brackets and stand offs for fixing structural glass on balustrades, balconies, stairwells etc. We have an extensive range of product and have the competence to meet most technical requirements.  Our glass bracket range includes weld on and screw on variants.  We offer single, double and angle brackets in a choice of steel grades and finishes.  We offer Screw on stand offs, resin bond stand offs and heavy duty stand offs in grade 304 and 316 stainless steels.


Glass Clamps & Clips - We offer glass clamps & clips to suit 10mm and 12mm glass.  Our 12mm glass clamps are available in grade 304 and 316 Stainless steel and are available to suit flat balusters and 48.3mm - 50.8mm balusters. Our 10mm glass clamps are available in grade 304 and 316 Stainless steel and are available to suit flat balusters, 42.4mm balusters and 48.3mm - 50.8mm balusters.  Our stainless steel glass clamps & clips are supplied either satin polished or bright polished.  We also offer stainless effect zinc alloy and unfinished zinc alloy clamps to suit 10mm glass.


Stool Feet & Sofa Legs - We offer a wide range stool feet & sofa legs in a choice of materials and finishes. Our stool feet & sofa legs are supplied with either a M8 fixing stud, a M10 fixing stud or a fixing plate.  Many of our stool feet & sofa legs can be supplied in custom heights and finishes


Kitchen Products - EEPL manufacture and stock a range of kitchen products including breakfast bar supports, cantilever breakfast bar supports, kitchen cabinet legs, kitchen unit feet and solid surface tray slides.


Custom products - As manufacturers we are able to offer custom solutions.  Many of our products can be offered in custom heights, widths, finishes, etc.  In addition to this we are also able to offer completely bespoke products.  These include metal bases, table legs, sofa legs, brackets and more unusual pieces such as coat racks and umbrella stands. Please see our gallery page to view some of our recent work.


In addition to the above, EEPL also offer glass shelf brackets, glass fixings for decorative glass panels, stainless steel sledges and a range of furniture accessories and glass fixing tools and accessories.

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